PAUSE provides minority and diverse students with an up close and personal look at the practice of medicine and dentistry seeking to help the profession by increased and caring representation by persons of color.


PAUSE Partnerships has the major goals of (1) helping undergraduate students understand the medical profession and the admissions process of medical school (2) enhancing the success rate of completing medical school by these undergraduate students (3) becoming a model program that can be utilized by others in higher learning to increase the number of minorities in health care professions.


The specific objectives of PAUSE Partnerships are to:

1. Develop experiences that will assist students in understanding the skills and talents needed in the medical profession.

2. Assist students in refining the attitudes and values to complete medical school and work in the medical field.

3. Develop experiences that will assist students in making choices about fields of medicine that they might pursue.

4. Prepare students for the medical school application and admission interview process.

5. Orient students to the culture of medical school and the medical profession.

6. Orient students to write and present reseaarch papers that may pertain to health care.

7. Create linkages for students, faculty members, various physicians and administrators in the neighboring community.

8. Create linkages for students with medical students and other students interested in pursuing health careers.

9. Assist interns, residents. physicians. and others with the transitions from academia to the environments of work and retirement in health care.

10. Prepare request for grant proposals. contracts. and in-kind contributions to stabilize the partnerships.


Dr. Priscilla Oliver